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We are a professional real estate team that is dedicated to providing the finest real estate services available.

With a constantly changing market, it is important that you have a professional working for you and your interests.  Today’s market is more sophisticated and challenging than ever before; and, we at Maximo Properties, understand the industry and are positioned to stay ahead of the game.

We are committed and focused on helping you achieve your goals.  We offer continued research in the market and accurate assessments for your property, in order to ensure that your property is effectively priced.  We also believe in innovative advertising and marketing techniques to maximize the quantity of potential buyers/renters viewing your property.  Our agents specialize in both the sales and rentals of residential property, and look forward to working with you.  We are a full service company with agents working around the clock to fit your schedule and demands.  If you are interested in discussing you property, please call today for any and all of you real estate needs.


Maximo Properties specializes in Manhattan, and our services include, but are not limited to:

Superior Marketing: 

v  National web-sites: 

v  Advertisements in major publications (Newspapers and magazines)

v  Frequent open house showings and agents on call day and night

v  We co-broker with the finest real estate companies in New York

Personalized Service:  Benefit from a team of dedicated professionals working for you .  Achieve the results you are looking for.

Bi-lingual Agents: Agents specializing in Spanish, Italian, Polish, French and Portuguese

Market Analysis:  The right price to the right tenant; extensive comparisons in the sales and rental markets

Leases:  We provide leases that best represent your interest. We are familiar with rent stabilization rules and laws, as well as cooperatives and condominiums

Credit report:  A complete check of background and credit history

Thorough review of future tenant:  Employment verification, income tax, pay stubs, references, etc.

            Please call our office to further discuss how we can help you maximize your investment.

                                                                                                            Maximilian Sanchez


  • New York, NY 10036
    Price: $2,750,000
    Bedrooms 2
    Bathrooms 2.5
    Square Feet 1,308
    New York, NY
  • NEW YORK, NY 10021
    Price: $12,500
    Bedrooms 3
    Bathrooms 3
    Square Feet 1,850
  • NEW YORK, NY 10036
    Price: $4,350
    Bedrooms 2
    Bathrooms 2
    Square Feet 1,000
  • New York, NY 10023
    Price: $6,500
    Bedrooms 2
    Bathrooms 2
    Square Feet 1,270
    New York, NY
  • New York, NY 10036
    Price: $2,300
    Bedrooms 1
    Bathrooms 1
    Square Feet 550
    New York, NY
Office: (917) 405-3775